Major Production

From 16 to 18 May, Grosvenor Boys’ High staged Little Shop of Horrors. The small cast included girls from Grosvenor Girls’ High, and this dedicated cast presented entertainment that left all who saw it astounded at the talent and commitment displayed. Set sometime in the past with strong references to the 1950’s, the play is a send-up of the horror stories of alien invasions and plants taking their revenge on humans. It also explores the usual human failings of greed, cruelty and desperation for a better life. The characters charm us in their craziness, even the sadistic Orin, and the story moves from light-hearted humour in Act 1 to a somewhat gruesome black comedy in Act 2.

Mr Jones directed, and Mrs Stead stage-managed the production. Once again we had the inimitable and super-talented Ryan Canning playing the piano, and also training the singers. The set and animated plants on loan from KickStart Productions created an impressive backdrop for our production. Superb entertainment and a showcase of the amazing talent to be found at both the Grosvenor high schools! We look forward to the next show.